AOM Rottami S.p.a. is a historic company in the field of recycling, collection, selection, processing, storage and trading of scrap metal, stainless steel and nonferrous metals. It operates in the Italian iron and steel market and therefore deals with steel mills and foundries. Moreover, it serves the leading companies in the field. Among other things, since 2005 AOM Scrap S.P.A. has become an ORI Martin S.p.A. partner too.

AOM Rottami S.p.a. has got a storage space of over 34,000 m2, of which 19,000 m2 indoors. It has a capacity of 100,000 tons.

Today AOM Rottami S.p.a trades over 600,000 tons per year. We have more than 200 containers for the collection of goods on consignment stock at the suppliers’ premises for the collection of goods on consignment stock whenever there is a fall in production. Goods and materials are collected, loaded and transported by the AOM staff which ensures fast collection and delivery as well as efficiency and cleanliness.

We help the environment